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How To Pack Resources Into Single AAR file


If you use Gradle build system to assemble your Unity Android application, you can not simply put the Android resources to Assets/Plugins/res/... You have to put all your resources into a single .aar file and link it to your project.


  1. Create an empty directory and go inside it.
  2. Create file AndroidManifest.xml inside directory with following content:

    <manifest package="im.getsocial.sdk.resources">
  3. Create directory res. Inside it create directory drawable.

  4. Put all the image resources to the res/drawable.
  5. Go back to the directory where AndroidManifest.xml is placed. Example structure of your directory:

    ├─── AndroidManifest.xml
    └─── res
        └─── drawable
            ├─── my_drawable.png
            └─── my_drawable1.png
  6. Run the jar cvf getsocial_resources.aar -C . . inside directory.

Now your getsocial_resources.aar file is ready to be used.

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