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GetSocial Configuration File Reference


GetSocial SDK uses getsocial.json file for configuration. This file is created automatically if GetSocial Gradle Plugin or iOS Installer script is used. If you decide to do a manual integration, you need to place the file into:

  1. On Android put it into your app’s root folder, beside your top-level build.gradle file
  2. On iOS put it into your app’s root folder, and make sure it is included in Copy Bundle Resources build phase.


    "autoInit": true,
    "debug": false,
    "pushNotifications": {
        "autoRegister": true,
        "customListener": false,
        "foreground": false
    "disableFacebookReferralCheck": false,
    "uiConfig": null


Property Required Default Description
autoInit - true Automatically initialize GetSocial SDK.
debug - false Enable or disable debug mode.
disableFacebookReferralCheck - false When disabled GetSocial won’t check referral data using Facebook. Use this if you want to check it in your app.
uiConfig - empty string Custom UI configuration directory or file. If not specified default UI configuration will be used.
autoRegister - true Enable or disable registering for Push Notifications automatically.
disable - false Completely disable Push Notifications (Only iOS).
customListener - false Set it to true if you want to use Push Notification listeners.
foreground - false Show GetSocial notifications while app is in foreground.
icon - empty string Custom Push notification icon.
color - empty string Color of the Push notification.
largeIcon - empty string Large custom Push notification icon.
channelName - empty string Custom Push notification channel name.
channelDescription - empty string Custom Push notification channel description.

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