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Amazon Devices Support

Currently, we don’t have an official support for Amazon as a platform. Below we’ve described an existing behaviour and some limitation that will appear on Amazon devices.

Features That Will Work Without Any Difference

  • User Management

  • Social Graph

  • Activity Feed

  • Smart Invite sending

Existing Limitations

  • We don’t support Amazon as a platform in the Dashboard.

  • We don’t identify Amazon devices in Smart Links to redirect to the Amazon AppStore.

  • We don’t support sending Push Notifications through Amazon Device Messaging (users with Amazon devices won’t be able to receive any Social or Targeted Push Notifications). At the same time, all the user notifications will be stored in the Notification Center.

  • Amazon AppStore does not pass referrer information to the application after the installation, as result Smart Link attribution will rely on fingerprint matching in all cases (just like on iOS)

Deep Linking Behavior Difference

When a user clicks on a Smart Link with the App already installed, the app will open and referral data will be available. Android App Links won’t work, so the user will see a disambiguation dialogue once.

When a user clicks on a Smart Link without the App installed:

  • We will try to redirect to Google Play.

  • If Google Play is not available in the Device, Amazon OS will suggest to open Amazon AppStore instead. Its initial page will be opened, not the App Page.

  • If the user manually search for the app and install it from the Amazon AppStore, we will attribute correctly and provide referral data.


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