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Setup Invites Channels on Unity


Setup Invite Channels

GetSocial Smart Invites has two types of Invite Channels:

  • The one that works out of the box, e.g., SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Kik, Line, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Ones that require integration of 3rd-party SDKs.

In this step, we will integrate GetSocial with the 3rd-party SDKs.

Setup Integration with Facebook SDK

This feature is currently unavailable. Ping us in support channel to request the feature.

Setup Integration with Facebook Messenger for iOS

To enable FB Messenger invites on iOS:

  1. Integrate Facebook Unity SDK into your app as described in the Official Guide.

  2. Download GetSocialFBMessengerInvitePlugin.unitypackage from our GitHub Repo.

  3. Imprort this package into your Unity project.

  4. Call GetSocialFBMessengerPluginHelper.RegisterFBMessengerPlugin(); on the app start, e.g., from Awake() method of your MonoBehaviour.

  5. To validate integration, open the GetSocial Smart Invites view:


    Check if Facebook Messenger is listed there:

    GetSocial Smart Invites View

Setup Integration with Facebook Stories for iOS

  1. Integrate Facebook iOS SDK into your app as described in the Official Guide.
  2. Make sure, that the Facebook Stories provider is enabled on Dashboard.

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