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GetSocial Referral System use cases

Following are just a few examples of how you can use GetSocial Referral System to acquire and engage your users.

App Install Referrer (Default)

GetSocial sets referrer relationships automatically on app install event and therefore rewarding install referrers can be done out of the box.


  1. John invites Tim using GetSocial Smart Invites
  2. Tim clicks on the invite link and installs the app
  3. GetSocial sets John as the App Install referrer of Tim
  4. The app rewards John for referring a friend

Custom Event Referrer (Set manually)

In addition to the default install referrer, you can manually set the referrer for the current user by calling the setReferrer method in the SDK at any time.


  1. John recommends Tim and 5 other in-app friends to watch a video
  2. Tim and 5 other friends get an in-app notification with the recommendation which includes a deep link to the video content
  3. Tim watches a video and the app sets John as the Content referrer of Tim
  4. 5 other friends also watch the video and app sets John as the Content referrer for each of them
  5. John’s referred user count increases by 6
  6. The app rewards John for influencing friends to engage with the content

Custom Event Referrer (Set automatically using Smart Flows)

You can set the referrer by creating a Smart Flows that is triggered on a specific event (system or custom) with a Set Referrer action. This action will establish a referrer relationship between the user that triggered the event and the last user that drove him to the app using a Smart Invite link.


  1. John shares an in-app content (e.g. video, retail product) with 5 friends
  2. They already have the app installed and are deep linked to the content.
  3. GetSocial marks John as a potential referrer for these friends until they consume the content (i.e. watch the video, or purchase the product).
  4. 3 of the friends consume the content
  5. Smart flow automation sets John as a referrer for 3 friends.

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