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GetSocial Integration with CleverTap


When you enable the integration with CleverTap you will start seeing Smart Invites/Smart Links clicks, and GetSocial referred events in your CleverTap dashboard, in addition to all the existing insights you are already sending them.

GetSocial will send these events for the triggering user:

  • Referred App Install
  • Referred App Reinstall
  • Referred App Open
  • Referred Web Sign Up
  • Referred Web Open

…and these ones for the corresponding referrer:

  • Generated App Install
  • Generated App Reinstall
  • Generated App Open
  • Generated Web Sign Up
  • Generated Web Open
  • Generated Link Click

And all of these events will include these properties:

Field Type Value
Channel string Name of the invite provider the Smart Invites link was sent from. For Smart Invites, valid values are email, whatsapp, sms, facebook, facebookmessenger, googleplus, twitter, kik, kakao, nativeshare, line, telegram, viber, vk, hangouts, instagram, web. For Smart Links, this field is set to the channel of your link.
Content string The value of the Content property in the Smart Link/Smart Invite
Status string This indicates if GetSocial detected that this might be an install that is suspicious of fraud. Some of the reasons include
  • Sender and receiver have the same IP
  • Receiver has reset the IDFA between installs
  • We detected multiple installs from the same IP for the same referrer

Custom events Referrer

In addition to the Smart Invite/Smart Links events, GetSocial will also send events when a referrer is set based on a custom event in a Smart Flow.

For the triggering user:

  • Referred [EventName] (ie Referred Subscription Started)

And for the the corresponding referrer:

  • Generated [EventName] (ie Generated Subscription Started)

These events will include this property:

Field Type Value
Event Data map Set of key/value pairs defined in the Smart Flow action


To enable the integration, you will need to set up CleverTap in the GetSocial dashboard:

  1. Navigate to your GetSocial Dashboard
  2. Click on CleverTap
  3. Enter your CleverTap Account ID that can be found in the Settings page from your CleverTap Dashboard
  4. Enter your CleverTap Account Passcode or User Passcode
  5. Enter the name of the GetSocial Identity provider that you are using for all your GetSocial users. This identity should match with the one you are using in CleverTap
  6. Choose the Location where your data is stored in CleverTap
  7. Press Enable


I do not see any data from GetSocial in CleverTap

There are a few reasons this could happen:

  • Make sure that the CleverTap credentials are correctly set up in the GetSocial Dashboard.

  • Make sure that the Location selected matches the location from your CleverTap account.

  • GetSocial Analytics takes ~10 min to appear on CleverTap Dashboard.

I can see the events but they are not linked to the right users

  • Make sure that the identity you entered is the one that you are actually using, ie email, custom_id, etc. The ID for that identity should match exactly the ID of the target user in CleverTap.

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