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GetSocial Integration with Adjust


When you enable the integration with Adjust you will start seeing Smart Invites/Smart Links clicks, and GetSocial attributed installs in your Adjust dashboard, in addition to all the existing insights you are already sending them.

We will also send these Adjust parameters with GetSocial custom values:

Adjust Parameters Smart Invites Smart Links
campaign Smart Invite Campaign Name
adgroup Channel Channel
external_click_id GetSocial Click Id GetSocial Click Id

Note about re-engagement events

At the moment, re-engagement events via Smart Invites/Smart Links won’t be attributed correctly to GetSocial due to Adjust own limitations.


To enable the integration, you will need to create a GetSocial specific tracker:

  1. Navigate to your Adjust Dashboard
  2. Open App SettingsTracker URLs
  3. Press New Tracker
  4. Name it GetSocial and press Quick Create
  5. Now your GetSocial Tracker is created, and you will see its ID (a 6-character code) as well.
  6. Copy the GetSocial Tracker ID
  7. Navigate to your GetSocial Dashboard
  8. Click on Adjust
  9. Enter the GetSocial Tracker ID (6-character code)
  10. Press Enable


You need to have a valid Adjust account, and the Adjust SDK (iOS, Android or Unity) needs to be integrated into your app.


I do not see any data for the GetSocial tracker in Adjust

There are a few reasons this could happen:

  • Make sure that the GetSocial tracker is correctly set up in the GetSocial Dashboard.

  • If you are just testing the integration, make sure that your testing device has not been already tracked by Adjust. You can inspect and reset this information in the Adjust Dashboard by following these steps. After resetting your device, just try again.

  • Adjust Analytics takes ~5 min to appear on their Dashboard.

The installs reported by Adjust are slightly different than the ones I see in the GetSocial Dashboard

Adjust and GetSocial have their own attribution algorithm, and although the device fingerprint to do the match might be the same for both, there are other parameters that could affect the result:

  • Attribution window: Adjust has a configurable window that ranges from hours to 30 days while we have a fixed window of 6 hours.

  • Other integrations: if you are using Adjust with other partners and your users click on an Ad after clicking on a Smart Invite or Smart Link, Adjust will attribute the install to the latest click seen, while we would attribute the install only to the Smart Invite or Smart Link click we tracked.

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